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EBS Abogados is a legal firm main focused in taxation matters, given the importance of fiscal issues when business decisions are taken in the various productive sectors.

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The difference between our services and those provided by traditional law firms or auditing firms lies in the personalized service we provide, starting with the firm’s principal consultants, who establish a partnership-style relationship with our clients, thus avoiding unnecessary and unwarranted delays in providing answers to the queries and issues raised.

Our specialization in tax-related matters is not incompatible with the fact that, within our professional staff, we boast a multidisciplinary team of Tax Attorneys, as well as Attorneys specializing in other areas of the Law (e.g. Labor and Migratory, Corporate, Administrative and Intellectual Property Law), not to mention Accountants and Economists. This ensures that we are in a position to be able to serve our clients in a comprehensive manner.